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North&South is an outstanding source of information on the Civil War, and an invaluable acquisition for anyone interested in the war.”
James M. McPherson, Pulitzer prize-winning author of Battle Cry of Freedom and past-president of the American Historical Association

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North&South is simply the finest Civil War magazine that has ever been published. Ever.”
Bryce Suderow, Civil War author and researcher


North & South is dedicated to the proposition that popular history need be neither trivial nor inaccurate. Packed with ground-breaking analysis and discussion by a veritable who’s who of leading historians, its feature articles alone are the equivalent of more than 500 condensed books covering every aspect of the Civil War—causes of the war, secession, politics, strategy and tactics, battles and generals, weapons, economics, irregular warfare, the home front, military intelligence, etc., etc.

“Truly impressive…combines all that is best in Civil War publishing.”
Steven Woodworth, author of Jefferson Davis and His Generals

North and South consistently offers readers an array of articles that emphasize the complexity and sweep of Civil War history. Engaging and often provocative, the magazine will richly reward anyone who traverses its pages.”
Gary W. Gallagher,author of Lee and His Army in Confederate History